HamgarToos established in 1993 as a partner of PartLastic plant. The main duty of HamgarToos at first was making Mold and tools for Old PartLastic plant.

From 2000 simultaneously with PartLastic Group development, HT duty changed to main machine and tools maker for new Great PartLastic and the main technical director of PL group president.

And Now based on more than 30 years experience we are going to make Hamgar Toos as a World Class Engineering Company in Design and produce Machines & Tools for Wide range of Industries, specially for Rubber & Plastic industries.

Our tight cooperation with Ferdowsi University will create an anchor in Automation & Robotic field in Iran & Middle East.


What we have….

CNC Grinding machines:(4 Axial ,3 Axial,2 Axial )

5 Axial EDM wirecut & Super drill machines

EDM machine: (CNC ,Conventional )

Conventional Grinding, milling, drilling & turning machines

And the most important: Engineers & Technicians who trained to Create the best Quality.

What we do…

Main Activities in New HT:

  • Machinery

  • Robots & Automation Systems

  • Mold & Tools